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Printing & Framing

Making the most of your Pictures

Framing your Pictures 

  • You should always use a mount with a frame. The mount (the border within the frame) protects the photograph and prevents it from sticking to the glass.
  • You can frame the photos in the mounts that they have arrived in. The large fit into a 10x12 frame and the small should fit in a standard 10x8 frame
  • If you are using another mount remove the photograph carefully from its existing mount. It should slip out easily. When you are framing the photograph always tape the photograph to the back of the new mount. This will prevent the photograph sliding within the frame.    

Printing your Pictures


  • Your images are full resolution and you are welcome to print them as often as you like at whatever size you wish.
  • There are so many places to print from your disc. It's important that you find somewhere that will print the colours accurately. I can't stand over the quality of the printing from any of the available outlets.
  • If you would like an enlargement (anything over 8x12) please get them framed professionally. 
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