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Your baby is here! Woohoo! You are madly in love and possibly delirious with sleep depravation but capturing curly posed newborn shots are best within the first 10 days. It is amazing how quickly they become more alert and sleep less soundly for posing. It also amazing how quickly you forget those early days and just how tiny they were.

Newborn shoots are very relaxed and calm, we work together around baby feeds and settling. Even if there are older siblings involved I keep a gentle pace around the newborn and mom.

*The longest part of a newborn shoot is usually getting baby into a nice, sound comfortable sleep, it can take approx 20 minutes of patience and watching to see baby sink into a deep slumber which allows freedom to gently pose hands, feet, positions to capture classic shots. It is usually a good time for moms and dads to have a cup of tea and put their feet up! *extra time maybe be added for photographer to a have a quick a cuddle with your new arrival! 

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