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On the Day, Family Photography

            On the day..

All you need to do on the day is have everyone fed, rested and ideally dressed when I arrive.

The most important thing is that everyone is relaxed and free to enjoy the session. As I said perviously I will most likely use upstairs in search of the best light and kids enjoy bouncing on beds, so side lockers cleared off and clothes hidden in wardrobes would be great

Concentration levels vary with ages. From newborn to Toddlers 45 mins is about the max but that is still plenty of time to capture gems. Newborn sessions can go at a much gentler pace, allowing breaks for top ups, changing and settling, I don't want new moms to feel under any pressure.

Please don't worry if your toddler is being grumpy or you baby has missed their nap, we can make it work. However, if you suspect your little one is unwell I strongly advise that you postpone the session. It just isn't fair to expect them to be on top form if there are poorly.

I do ask that the session fee is paid on the day or before the day of your session please. If you have a gift voucher, please have it handy. 

Natural light Photography, Belfast Northern Ireland

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