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Welcome to Charlene Farrell Photography - Baby and Family Photographer Dublin to Belfast

Hello and Welcome!


I specialise in all happy events and aim to capture your precious moments so you can treasure them forever.


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Forget stressful Studios I come to you, home or location. Natural Light, Zero Fuss

There Is No Place Like (your) Home!


Thanks for visiting and I hope I can be of service 

My photography style is purely based on the type of photographs I love to see, non posed and natural. I love to capture real moments and genuine smiles. Unlike studio shoots I use mainly natural light and I come to your home where I believe everyone, especially babies and children are alot more relaxed. Stress free for all concerned!

My typical photography session lasts between 45 mins to an hour and a half, depending on the ages of those involved and the need to for snack breaks, wardrobe changes etc. The sessions are very laid back and usually involve a lot of giggling! I love being a family photographer and honestly find that the connections are made quickly and with ease when my clients are in their own homes. and a good connection leads to wonderful pictures.


Family life is busy enough with all the coming and going, so let me save you the trip to a studio by visiting you. Together we can create beautiful and natural images of your baby or children to cherish forever. Natural Images in your own home.

Have a read of 'Home Photography/ How it works/ On the Day' for more info. 

My clients say they find Home Photography sessions so much easier and comment that even the quietest of children seem to chat and enjoy the process. I love to ask children to show me their rooms, books, toys, that way we connect and I get honest, unposed pictures of them, with their wonderful personalities shining through!

Please take a look at my work and visit my pages which will explain in a bit more detail how it all works. 


About Me

When I left school I started working in Stage Management at The Abbey Theatre. I was lucky enough to work on hit plays that took me to The Royal National Theatre in London, the Westend and Broadway. I then moved over to TV production and spent 20 years working in London, mainly on large entertainment shows for the BBC, CH4, and ITV. The part I loved most about TV was working on LIVE shows, where I had to get everything right the very first time because there were no second chances, I think that helps with photographing babies and children, be ready to capture the shot or you have lost it. It is also important that everyone is having a good time!



I have always had a deep appreciation and passion for lighting and editing. It has been great working with the best in the business. Now I get to treat each image as my own perfect production!



The first photograph taken of me was by a neighbour when I was 5 months old and crawling across some very loud 1970’s carpet. There are no earlier pictures and only a handful of later ones. It is a standing joke in my family that despite a grandfather and father who were keen photographers nobody thought to take a picture of the second child (I laugh it off but clearly I will never forgive them!)



Maybe that is what has driven my life long desire to capture fleeting moments in time. I carried a camera everywhere as a teenager. I remember the excitement of collecting the developed pictures from the chemist, knowing I had captured some gems, amongst the early day ‘selfies!' Most of us are just too busy with life to document what is around us, that's what I hope to offer, a way to ensure you keep memories safe through the photographs that capture chapters in your life. Lifestyle photography are time capsules to treasure.



I have been lucky enough to be mentored by a wonderful Newborn/ family photographer who understands my passion for this , the best job in the world. She also knows of my love of babies and children so suggested I tie it all together, she has been a total inspiration and her generosity has been truly wonderful. She is the most talented lady and I am very lucky to have her support. If you are looking for a brilliant Dublin based photographer she is the very best and can be found at

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